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Welcome to Carrot Top Communications an independent marketing agency currently based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

A marketing agency created by James Smyth too give businesses the right marketing and business tools to grow and succeed.

Successfully using his knowledge and skills in Marketing, Sales and overall business Carrot Top Communications has helped many established and start up companies achieve their targets.

With a colourful portfolio and an keen eye for the latest and most innovative business ideas
Carrot Top Communications strive to go beyond just marketing and want to
help your business achieve BIG things

"All parts of your digital marketing need to be linked. Without a clear link you may as well be speaking English to an Alien. You might get lucky and they understand but realistically you got no chance!"

Achieve BIG things...

Whether its branding, website design or consultancy we will help you smash your expect targets.

"For a company not to invest in RESEARCH - is like someone going nightclubbing with sunglasses on!...BLIND"


Who We Are...

Carrot Top Communications is a full service agency employing strong creative design flair with sharp marketing ideas.

Specialising in helping start up and small companies Carrot Top Communications has had a successful past.

Working with a clients from a range of industries they have developed a creative solution integrated their flair with the client's brief to deliver a unique result on time, every time.

"A company without a clear PLAN - is like walking through a forest with no torch, map or compass..... LOST"


Our Work...

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Email: info@carrottopcomms.co.uk